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Retrofitting buildings and cost savings

Retrofitting buildings and cost savings


In many instances, retrofitting existing buildings can be more cost effective than building a new facility. Buildings consume a massive amount of energy. As defined by Natural Resources Canada, retrofitting an existing building offers the opportunity to audit and upgrade the energy performance of a building by implementing modifications to improve […]

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Profound effect of cyber crime

Profound effects of cyber crime


Cyber crime is a fast growing aspect of criminal activity. It is a complex phenomenon in its nontraditional characteristics that pose various challenges for police services across all of Canada. Many such crimes are orchestrated by organized criminal groups who employ technical specialists (hackers) to procure personal or financial data, which […]

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The Importance of Energy Efficient Lighting Systems

The interior lighting systems of a building are a dominant consumer of energy and a major source of heat. Lighting has a great effect on the regulation of emotions such as happiness and sadness through the nervous and endocrine systems. Building operators need to consider a variety of facts when installing new lighting systems in […]

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