Policing is likely to go through some of it’s biggest changes in the coming years.  The profile of a police force for many decades was almost exclusively large strong white males. That is all changing and the proof is in the latest statistics in new police recruits in the Metro Toronto Police services.  Here are 4 things to consider while thinking about law enforcement as a career.

#1. Gender

As with many careers like law, for example, it was once dominated by almost 100% males and policing was no different.  How long ago was this?  As recently as the 1990s 94% of  Toronto Police were white males.  However, it has really been the successful policing results that have quieted the naysayers and now risen the numbers to where the newest recruitment stats are that 47.7% are women.   So we’re right where we should be. approximately 50/50.

#2 Visible Minorities

Police have rarely reflected the diversity in their communities and in an urban metropolitan environment that can be very wide.  Toronto is certainly at the top of this list as are all the GTA communities including Brampton, Mississauga (Peele), Markham and Durham.   It it good to know that going forward the new recruitment percentage has changed to 34.1%.

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#3 Language is an asset.

As many new Canadian’s speak little or no English or are simply more comfortable to communicate with their mother tongue so too will the Toronto Police Services as almost 75% of them speak a second language.  The 2016 class includes recruits who speak Afrikaans, American Sign Language, Arabic, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Creole, Croation, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Macedonian, Mandarin, Patois, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, and Romanian.  That may not cover 100% of the population but it certainly covers a large portion.

#4 Education

Gone are the days when you could go from Grade 12 right into policing.  The demand is simply too high and now Toronto Police services tell us that indeed 93.2% of their new graduates have a post-secondary education and that just under half actually have some experience in policing and / or the military.

Police Foundations students well reflect the changes to modern policing and the Queens College program goes a long way to filling these training needs as well as connecting you with seasoned veteran instructors all of whom have Toronto Police or GTA Police experience and decades of our graduates working in all the GTA, Ontario, and RCMP Police forces.  You can find our more about our program by going here.