About Queen’s College

Ever since our establishment in 1986, our mission is to provide our students with the necessary education, training and skills to excel in their careers. Whether you are a recent high school graduate eager to begin your post secondary training for the first time, or a mature student seeking a career change, at Queen’s College we are committed to provide you with a prosperous, rich and rewarding experience.

Why Choose Us

From our friendly staff to our top-quality instructors, everyone at Queen’s College is ready to guide you in every aspect of your education. Our Financial Aid Advisors will help you obtain the financial resources you need to get a start on your education. Our small class sizes will ensure that you get the valuable personal attention you deserve with your instructors.

Book an appointment with a counselor today and see why our graduates stand out!

Our Advantages

  • Top quality expert instructors
  • Disciplined environment
  • Friendly and caring staff
  • Extensive network of contacts for employment
  • Financial assistance is available for those who qualify

Queen’s College is devoted to helping others in need, improving our communities, as well as giving our students opportunities for personal development. More so, it is our responsibility to contribute. At Queen’s College, we are devoted to serving our communities through a variety of events including: community clean-up days, event organizing and assistance, as well as assisting with various charitable organizations.

You can find our students at:

  • Various Association Sponsored Events
  • Environment & Community Clean Up Days
  • Sporting Events
  • Cultural Community Events
  • International Events

Our Credentials:

  • Private Career College Under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005
  • Member of National Association of Career Colleges
  • Member of Ontario Association of Career Colleges
  • Authorized Licensee of Lambton College Programs