Queen’s College Building Operator Diploma

A new diploma, first time offered at a Private Career College in Ontario. (to the best of our knowledge, let us know if you find one). However, it’s a rapidly growing career as building owner and building management companies continually evolve the professional criterion and education of their staff who operate their building systems. Why? Simple. At the core of this responsibility is hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions in capital assets and mistakes can be costly. Very costly.

Building Operators help to maintain the buildings

  • Heat
  • Airconditioning
  • Water & Sewer
  • Electrical
  • Interface with municipal, hydro, gas, and ore
  • Often include security and internet systems and much more

Queens College Building Operator Diploma Program for College students in Toronto and Mississauga Ontario

Bottom Line. The building operator is the first line of defense in capital asset management, systems controls, and procedures in order to both protect the owner’s liability, the management’s liability and all at the same time making sure the customer is satisfied. The customer being the tenant or occupier of the building.

 Large buildings need lots of infrastructures, and each infrastructure is different and needs its own education. These buildings come in all shapes and sizes from a large Office Building or Condo, a large shopping mall, education facility or institution like a hospital, or large industrial plant. The variables are daunting, which is why this position now needs this level of education. If you have ever watched a large building evacuation drill, you’ll quickly realize how serious and important this occupation is. It’s a growing profession, with constant education updates and computer technology keeps impacting operating systems. If you’re in a dead-end job, get on the escalator and elevate your job to becoming a building operator. Call our Building Operator Career Specialist, Mirko Todorovski at 905-890-7933, you’ll be glad you did.Queens College Building Operator Diploma Program for College students in Toronto and Mississauga Ontario

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