IoT Fundamentals: Big Data & Analytics

Duration:50 hours
Course Level:Intermediate

Game changing insights come from big data

Architectures and processes of the past are making way for more modern, real-time applications thanks to IoT (Internet of Things) systems and the data they collect. Dynamic data platforms are being built, and our ability to extract data using the latest analytics techniques is growing. So why not gain an edge and increase your employability by learning new skills? High-demand skills such as how to collect, store, and visualize data obtained from IoT sensors.

Integrating IoT with Big data analytics empowers organisation to disrupt markets and to be competitive, reducing the cost of operation and increasing the wallet share of customer. Smart cars, smart cities, smart grids, smart buildings, smart homes, smart life styles: the variety will continue to expand. The volume and velocity of combined data is massive, and the time needed to analyse it very short. Hence the filed of Big Data & Analytics in IoT will be of increasing importance. You would be learning the IOT from its origination perspective, how industry is approaching it, what are the challenges, how unstructured data in real time basis is analysed, and what insight it can give. It will also provide the tool, technology and platform available for experimentation and business intelligence.

You will learn:

  • The characteristics and requirements of IoT specific data;
  • Data flows that connect to IoT systems or device data to the cloud in specific formats;
  • The use of big data tools to process IoT data in distributed computing;
  • How to use machine learning algorithms to analyze IoT data patterns and extract intelligence;
  • How to configure sensors and capture, package, and send the data to cloud-based servers;

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