• Technology use in Law Enforcement

Technology use in Law Enforcement

We all know that Law Enforcement services nationwide have access to some of the best technology available. In fact, technology is making it that much easier for police professionals to ensure public safety and security while making quick decisions.

Arrests can be made even decades after a crime has been committed, fugitives can be tracked and […]

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Energy Improvements Through Building Commissioning

Historically, “commissioning” has been a term commonly used as the act of placing a ship in service. For a ship to be commissioned, it must pass several tests during which its equipment is installed and tested, crew is thoroughly trained and problems are identified and corrected (Haasl, T., and K. Heinemeier. 2006. “California Commissioning Guide: […]

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Queen’s College Police Foundations Students in Action


The rich history of the Police Foundations program at Queen’s College was on full display at the Ministry’s Divisional Day Showcase on April 28, 2016 at the Toronto Reference Library on 789 Yonge Street in Toronto. Two of our many fully uniformed students participated in showing why Queen’s College has the best preparatory program for […]

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Delinquency and prevention among Canadian youth

As stated on the Government of Canada website regarding Pubic Safety, the National Crime Prevention Strategy is based on the principle that “the surest way to reduce crime is to focus on factors that put individuals at risk”. Evidence suggests that many adult offenders begin their criminal activities as young offenders, and eventually, these crimes […]

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Queen’s College Police Foundations students at Metro Toronto Police 32 Division BBQ

Part of the Queen’s College Police Foundations history has been to give back and participate in community activities, from BBQs to Food Bank Drives.   Policing is a value based career, and these activities are part of developing proactive values.

We stress that ultimately it is the students responsibility to make relationships in the community however, […]

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Building automation systems and energy optimized operation

Energy efficiency refers to the energy required to achieve a given usable effect (Energy efficiency in building automation and control, Siemens, 2010). Taking technical measures can achieve greater energy efficiency, meaning the energy required for the same use can be reduced to a fraction of the amount. One accepted way to obtain energy efficient operation […]

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Recruitment and talent retention in Canadian policing

Recruiting and retaining the best talent has always been important and challenging for police departments across the country. It is worth noting that nowadays, it costs more to police effectively (Strategic Human Resources Analysis of Public Policing in Canada, 2000). It takes increased time and requires new skills for police officers to possess in order […]

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Maximizing the use of compressed air systems

As vital parts of all buildings and facilities, operating compressed air systems can be expensive. However, by managing them more efficiently, or taking a few proactive steps, a building or facility operator can lower their energy costs and save substantially. Compressed air is used at virtually every facility, whether hospital, apartment complex, factory, college or […]

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Fraud and the role of the Police


With the rapid rise and use of the internet, fraud has developed into an aspect of our everyday lives and has taken on a variety of different forms. The RCMP classifies the following types of fraud: identity theft and identity fraud, debit and credit card fraud, email fraud, marketing and internet related fraud, investment and […]

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Retrofitting buildings and cost savings

Retrofitting buildings and cost savings


In many instances, retrofitting existing buildings can be more cost effective than building a new facility. Buildings consume a massive amount of energy. As defined by Natural Resources Canada, retrofitting an existing building offers the opportunity to audit and upgrade the energy performance of a building by implementing modifications to improve […]

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