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Profound effect of cyber crime

Profound effects of cyber crime


Cyber crime is a fast growing aspect of criminal activity. It is a complex phenomenon in its nontraditional characteristics that pose various challenges for police services across all of Canada. Many such crimes are orchestrated by organized criminal groups who employ technical specialists (hackers) to procure personal or financial data, which […]

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The Importance of Energy Efficient Lighting Systems

The interior lighting systems of a building are a dominant consumer of energy and a major source of heat. Lighting has a great effect on the regulation of emotions such as happiness and sadness through the nervous and endocrine systems. Building operators need to consider a variety of facts when installing new lighting systems in […]

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Importance of Energy Efficient Building Operations

Importance of Energy Efficient Building Operations

Living in a bustling world-class metropolis such as Toronto, one must admit that the city is consistently growing on a daily basis. New construction sites and buildings are springing up, giving Toronto and its metropolitan area a new image overnight. With them, there is a rise in demand for a […]

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Police Foundations Recruitment Considerations now a reality

Policing is likely to go through some of it’s biggest changes in the coming years.  The profile of a police force for many decades was almost exclusively large strong white males. That is all changing and the proof is in the latest statistics in new police recruits in the Metro Toronto Police services.  Here are […]

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  • Queen's College Police Foundations Christmas Party

Queens College Christmas Party

Christmas Party 
Come one, come all.  Former Students, Grads, current students faculty and friends are invited to join us for our Christmas Festivities. 
When?  Friday, Dec 18.2015, 12:00pm to 2:00pm
 Where?  168 Sushi Buffet 
                 1520 Steeles Ave. West. L4K 3B9 
Queen’s College of Business, Technology & Public Safety              

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Queens College Police Foundations Program Graduation

Family, friends and faculty all gathered together to honour a new crop of graduating students at the Paradise Banquet Hall in Vaughn on November 25th, 2015.   Guests were treated to a live rendition of O’Canada by the amazing voice of Patricia Shirley, as well as an address from both faculty and honoured guest speakers […]

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Police Foundations Graduation Invite from Queens College

Dear friends and colleagues:

It would be an honor to have you to attend our Graduation Ceremony, which will be held at the Paradise Banquet Hall & Convention Centre on Wednesday Nov.25th, 2015 at 7:00 pm sharp. Arrive at 6:45 p.m. at the latest.

Our Graduation ceremonies are always exciting, professional, upbeat, and everyone leaves with a […]

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Police Foundations has strong connection to Metropolitan Toronto Police

The Police Foundations program has had a strong connection to the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force for decades.

Recently Constable Ojo Tewogbade from 13 Division came to talk with Queens College students.

1st Hand on the street experience helps our students get a real picture of the every day duties of working in law enforcement. Questions from “what […]

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Three Certainties In Life: Death, Taxes, And Security

Three certainties in life, Death & Taxes, was a quote from Benjamin Franklin, and well the 3rd part just comes from plain common sense. So careers like Computer Network Security will be as sure a career as becoming a mortician. For every fix and patch in security there’s a new breech and cyber attack just […]

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Now Approaching 30 Years

Now approaching 30 years, Queens College is a new name and expanded focus to include business and security and public safety. Queens College Police Foundations program historically has been known for many years as the Canadian Law Enforcement Training College.

For years it has pioneered law enforcement education in the province of Ontario, with it’s deep […]

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