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Security is now a corporate preoccupation

Save the dates! Offered exclusively at Queen’s College!

The Security Management Certificate Program is offered again at Queen’s College!

This two-day training program will take place on Nov. 24 – 25th, 2018 at our brand new campus and will train you on everything you need to become a Security Manager, Director and beyond.

Our program features the most current industry knowledge on:

  • Security Department and People Management
  • Contract Security / Client Management
  • Financials /Budgeting
  • Threat-Risk Assessments and Security Surveys
  • Operational Security
  • Emergency Management

And more…


The growth of the security industry fuels a consistent need for talent development and new management practices that can improve the industry.

Prepare yourself to take the next step to advance and excel in your career!

For more information, contact Mr. Alex Goldstein at

To enroll, call (905) 890 – 7833.

What our past students say about the program. 

“There was a lot of information to be given and it was specifically presented in an orderly fashion…” ~ John C. 

“Instructors used personal stories to emphasize points that were being made…” Raj P. 

“Good info, lots of relevant examples.”  ~ Jennifer A.