Three certainties in life, Death & Taxes, was a quote from Benjamin Franklin, and well the 3rd part just comes from plain common sense. So careers like Computer Network Security will be as sure a career as becoming a mortician. For every fix and patch in security there’s a new breech and cyber attack just around the corner, or perhaps it’s already lying dormant in your computer system just waiting to hatch.

In recent months we’ve seen the infamous dark dating site Ashley Maddison get hacked and thousands of illicit affairs made public. Prior to that some very famous stars and executives connected with SONY Entertainment were all red faced with embarrassment with a breech on their servers, and prior to that a litany of fortune 500 companies and personal data and credit card info breeched as well.

Anyone trying to figure out why would be best to delve into human psychology, as the reasons will vary ranging from a Holly Jihad on the West, to Profit and Greed. But let’s not forget just plain stupid and bored, as some people with nothing better to do, give themselves a challenge to see how fast they can breach a firewall, or scoop some info, but the malicious ones seem to just like to wreck things with no concern to the harm that they do. Well, as we said, this is why Cyber Security will be with us as long as we have the Internet, and now that’s it’s so tightly bundled in with Cellular Phones, the whole security issue is only going to get more, important, more complex and more costly, as company bank vaults open up a little bigger each and every year.