Computer Network & Security

The Computer Networking & Security Diploma program is a Hands-on training program that strikes a balance between the latest computer theories and their applications. Students learn about real-life networking environments, making you immediately productive upon graduation and prepared to take on a variety of information technology (IT) roles relating to local area networking, networking support, computer systems administration, network security and user support. Exposure to the networking technologies will help you to develop problem solving and analytic skills. You will also learn about the necessity for security and how the needs of information assurance affect all aspects of implementing, managing and utilizing network resources.

Students will also be prepared to continue learning and advancing within the field, allowing you to work within your organization to apply networking to business strategies, tactics, and goals.

How is this College different from a Public College?

We offer virtually the same program as the Public Colleges. A number, of course, hours is the same but we go through the program in only 10 months (rather than over a 2-year period). When you factor in living costs x 14 Months, and also a lack of income during that same period of time, the difference can actually be quite substantial.

How much does this Program cost?

The cost of the program will be discussed at the time of the interview with an admission counselor. Financial assistance is available through various government programs including Second Careers. For more information about financial assistance, please click here or give us a call at 905-890-7933 to arrange for a personal interview.

What are the requirements for graduation?

A minimum of 75% (overall) is necessary as a satisfactory passing mark. Punctuality, Appearance, and Attitude will be factored into the final mark. Attendance is extremely important and a minimum of 80% is required in order to graduate, regardless of academic achievements. Those who fail an exam will have a chance to do a “make-up” exam or retake that particular module.

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